Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thing 23

At first thought 23 Things did not seem like very many things to do. But 23 Things to do, really are a lot (especially during high school skating season, being pregnant and due in 1 week and 6 days, and taking grade six to camp).

My favorite Things of the journey were YouTube, Screencasting, and Twitter. YouTube has so many video's and places where it can be applied, I am glad I made an account. Screencasting is just awesome. I am amazed at how much it can offer and yet is free and so easy to use. Twitter I am excited about since I was able to get my mom an account and now have a new way of communicating updates with family and friends.

I would definitely do Things again if they were offered. I wish there was a way to get more people involved. I think people felt required to do all 23 Things, but I feel like some of the things on the 23 Things list would be very beneficial to some people. I want to try to get them to at least try those Things.

The Things were set up in an excellent format! They were very easy to follow, the directions made it easy and fun. I think my biggest down fall was the amount of time spent working through Things. I often tried to find iPhone apps that went along with Things, or go off on tangents, or didn't like my screencast, so I remade it 5 different times...

Over all, this was a great experience! Thank you for everyThing!

Thing 22

AHHHHH! I was immediately very excited about this Thing! I have been using twitter and like I said in my last post I wanted to get my mom and dad involved with twitter and get them tweeting so I could send them information and updates about how everything is going with the baby stuff.

So, I called up my mom and walked her through the steps of setting up an account (over the phone!) and then had her make her account private, had her make me one of her followings, and now my follower, and then I made her tweet! She was a natural! Her first tweet was that she was making dinner (She works late tonight, so she makes dinner early in the day so my dad can eat when he gets home from work).

My mom was very excited,especailly since I had the picture of my cat posted in one of my last tweets and she was able to click on it and see my cat. I think seeing my cat kind of opened her eyes as to what can be done with this tool. I am sure she will continue to use it, as I also showed her how some of her sisters and cousins are already using twitter!

Thing 21

I didn't originally want to open a twitter account because I felt like I wouldn't keep up with it like I don't keep up with my facebook account. My facbook just kind of exists and I go to it about once a month (although, I have been able to find some people I might not have been able to find with out facebook!)

Now that I am going to be having a baby soon (today is now 1 week and 6 days until my due date!) I was thinking it might be a nice way to communicate with family and friends to let them know what it going on. I had read on another 23 Thingers blog how they had used it with their family to get updates on family members and thought that would be a great idea. Now I just have to get my mom and dad an account and show them how to use it! (For parents, they are very good at using technology!) My user name is HollyMSK8 on twitter.

twitpic app for iPhone - I read that you could twitter pictures, so I decided to investigate. I couldn't find anything in the typing box on twitter that allowed a picture, so I went and researched it. Turns out twitter doesn't have a picture uploader like facebook, but I did find an application that allows you to post a link of a picture from your phone! This also allows you to post a tweet along with the link to the picture. You can take new pictures, or post old pictures.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing 20

Slideshare gave me a great idea. I sometimes (not too often) have parents that can not open PowerPoints that I send them. SlideShare would give me the option to just send them a link so that they could have a copy of the PowerPoint!

I found some great math Slideshares that were posted, including this one:

They really had some fun ones posted also. One down side was, I found a show that was about math jokes. As I was watching it I was disappointed because many of the slides were cut off, missing the ends to phrases, or had some weird characters in the writing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thing 19

For some reason I can not use iTunes at school. When I attempt to, iTunes will start to open, but then freezes. Luckily I have no problem at home.

I choose to go to the Learn Out Loud site to look for new podcasts. I liked how easy it was, once I found a podcast I was interested in, to get it into iTunes. There was a simple button to click and iTunes was connected with the podcasts I was looking at. I found a neat podcast to listen to called Great Speeches and subscribed to the podcast.

I had already subscribed to a podcast about yoga, where they had a little video of a different yoga position each week. I find it fun to add new yoga positions to what I already do, so I really like that podcast!

Thing 18

I choose to edit the existing Sacred Heart entry on Wikipedia because I found a few small errors. I noticed that heart had been misspelled hart at one point and there was a sentance about KH at the bottom in the section for External Link that did not make sense. Maybe there was a good reason for it to be there?

It was very easy to create an account. It didn't take very long and the editing procedure was easier then I expected. I wanted to create a different section for Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School for Girls, KH, and Upper School, but I would only be comfortable doing the KH section. I also noticed that it says Judy is just the director of the Upper School and wasn't sure if we should include that she is also director of the Middle School for Girls?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thing 17

Before even starting Thing 17, I actually had Wikipedia open because I was trying to find more names and different shades of purple. I thought it was funny as I was reading that I needed to go to different Wiki sites when I already had one open.

For some reason it seems I go more and more often to Wikipedia to get quick information for things in my personal life, for example the age of the Butler Basketball coach (because he looked very young). I usually verify information that I find on Wikipedia, they usually have good links at the bottoms of posts, making it easy to check. I also love that Wikipedia has kind of become a super-powerful encyclopedia. Plus it is updated often - for example with Butler it already says that they are in the final four for the years NCAA tournament!

As for other ideas, a teacher that use to teach at ASH had a family Wiki that they used for listing Christmas presents that they would like and when someone got a gift off the list the could anonymously check off that that gift had been purchased!